One of my favorite things about the former Panic(!) at the Disco was Brendon and Ryan singing together. Now they're being cruel and have denied me that goodness (okay, I know the old songs haven't disappeared, right), but still, at least they're both still singing. I actually really really love New Perspective, and The Young Veins' (teehee! No, IDK. New band! New name! You have to admit it's exciting) Change is nothing but precious to me. That's the best word I can find for it right now.

Also really randomly excited about Miyavi's baby. IDK! Because he's so excited about it, I think. It's adorable, really. ♥

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I love that in a matter of two days, we got two great songs :-)
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Yes! For a while there wasn't much happening bandomwise, and now this, plus everything going on with MCR = ♥♥♥
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He's so cutely excited! Every new entry has something even more adorable than the last one. ♥
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