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([personal profile] hakeer Jan. 2nd, 2010 09:00 pm)
Ugh, we FINALLY managed to watch Countdown. It wasn't as epic as last year's (or some other previous occasions), but it made me feel warm and fuzzy and full of love for JE after being so kpop-focused recently.

*epic mic fail all over the place! Not so much a highlight, as pure lulz
*Junno and Ueda's hair! I had no idea Junno is blond once again, and Ueda just looked random. In a good way.
*HAPPY KAME. ♥ That boy will always have my heart.
*YASUBARU. ♥ (Yes, I'm That Fangirl who gets happy from them being next to each other.)
*Nagase and Koichi's bromance!
*old man Uchi! When he showed up, we were like "who dat" for a second or two. Sorry, dude.
*TOMA. And his nose! ♥
*flying Tackey, Takkitsuba and Tackey's wet men.
*ALL OF TOKIO. I kind of forgot how much I love those party men.
*Aiba's voice and enthusiasm. ♥
*Jin poking Matsujun's face. Why is he always poking everyone?

There were other things, I'm sure, but I should rewatch to catch everything. Not a terrible hardship. :D

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YASUBARU YESSSS ♥ i was capping and gif-ing subaru and yasu, like, standing next to each other and giggling over it. it takes so little for me to fall back into an old ship. haha.

tackey's wet men
omg D: i mean, i thought the same thing, but it's pretty horrifying. can he not perform without water?
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I'm always so ridiculous about them, but I can't help it, seeing them together never gets old. ♥

Ahahaha, when he started flying Gnilp just had time to say "at least he's not flying through water this time", but of course he had to. Oh, Tackey.

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flying Tackey

My friend's comment when they showed Tackey was, 'wanna bet he's going to fly?' - I declined since it was obvious that, of course, he was going to fly XD. But T&T TOGETHER!!!! ♥ My fangirl heart overflows with joy :D!

TOKIO was awesome. And Taichi is always such a total camwhore :D.
Arashi doing Kanjani8! And Eito Rangers doing Arashi!!! ♥

This Countdown was pretty good, though not perfect. It lacked a Higashiyama appearance, for exampe :D...
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I actually thought he wouldn't be flying this time, heh. But I definitely love how ridiculous he is. ♥

Oh right! I should've added the covering each other's songs to my highlights. That was one of my favorite parts of the whole show.

And I agree, Higashiyama should always be there. Every Countdown needs his ageless charm.

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I finally got down to watching countdown today too.. And yeah. Lots of love!!!!

Eito in their ranger suits failing at the dance was ♥
And Takitsuba!!! Really about time for them to be together and they looked so happy!!! *____*

Countdown is always shiny! ♥
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Yep, there was definitely lots of love and shiny to go around this time too. ♥ Eito were hilarious and adorable, and I'm always amused by Ryo's double agent duties. :D
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I've been keeping up with Kanjani8, but other than that I'm mostly out of the loop. Now I feel like catching up on JE things, especially KAT-TUN. ♥

Junno's hair is really working for him, I was pretty surprised.

It took me a whole day to download Countdown, but it was all worth it. ♥