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([personal profile] hakeer Jun. 12th, 2010 04:03 pm)
It's World Cup time! I'm mainly rooting for Holland and South Korea (their game is on right now and AWESOMECAKES, babies), maybe-kinda-sorta Portugal, England and Japan. And Italy? Yeah, I'm pretty much only loyal to Holland, but I also can't watch a game if I don't have a clear favorite going in.

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Holland had a great goalkeeper, Van der Sar (I have a thing for goalkeeper and he was one of my favorite with Casillas, Cech and Buffon), and they've always been a strong team with little luck in my opinion...

I'm cheering for Italy (obviously, though we have no chances this time. We can win a World Cup just once every 24 years afterall.), Spain and we'll see, depending on the match.

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Van der Sar is actually my favorite football player EVER, and pretty much the reason why I started supporting Holland in the first place. ♥ And I also have a thing for goalkeepers, both in hockey and football. They're really fascinating.

Ooh, Spain! I kind of forgot about them, but I know I've liked them in the past. I have too many (semi-)favorites, clearly.

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He was amaing, agreed :D. I don't know why, maybe because I was forced to be one, but I aways found them fascinating. If they make a mistake they're the first one to get balmed, but if they do a great job they can save the match (thinks of Buffon in the last World Cup. Without him and Cannavaro we would have been out looooong before Italy-France). I think it's because they're a part of the team but they work alone, and they watch the match from afar, I don't know, there is something poetic about it/lol, I'm hopeless XD

Spain is good :D! I love their...forwardness? though they suck in defense...Tbh, I like Portugal too, because they play a really entertaining kind of football, but they suck at scoring so bad. I get pissed when I see C.Ronaldo, because he act all cocky, then he gets the ball stolen'doesn't pass the ball/misses badly...
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I think it's because they're a part of the team but they work alone
YES, that's it, exactly. It's just such a special place to be in, and like you said, how they can easily be either the hero or the scapegoat, no other players are constantly in that position (of course there are games where a certain player fucks up, or whatever, but the goalies are always in the middle of things). It's fascinating!

Yeah, I'm generally in favor of teams who are offensive and don't just rely on defence (the reason I will always prefer hockey is that there are usually more goals ;D). I mostly can't stand Ronaldo, either, but I try not to be too annoyed by him.
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