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kittens, saturdays, 70 degree weather, first kisses and butterflies

i hope your life is as magical as ours is

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Birthdate:Dec 14, 1982

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adam anderson + guitar, adopting clueless rockers, apparent intelligence, archival science, asskicking ladies, being a wannabe-fake!goth, being notsosecretly twelve, being older than suju, believing in conspiracy theories, big brother ot3, books, brothers fuji, brothers koivu, chipmunks aibon & nono, chisato = mini!abe, clearly all things bandom, coffeeeeeeeeeee!!!, criminal minds, embrace your inner emo, feminism, gay rights, gerard is magic, half-blood prince's identity, happy kame is love, harry potter, heechul's amazing everchanging hair, heechul's one expression ♥, hello new obsession, hipbones are the sex, hockey, homosexuality, hurts, inappropriate sarcastic comments, information studies, irina derevko, is my gay showing, jensen's freckles, jin = giant dorkface, jin/kame/yamapi = true love, jon-stewart-and-stephen-colbert=love, jrock-related brainwashing, jrokkarit on höpsöjä, kame can't be explained, kate winslet, keeping things to yourself, kiroileva siili, l ftw!, l+near=hamsters!, l/raito, lady gaga, leisha hailey, lesbians, love, lying as art, miyavin kaikki, morning musume, muumit, my precious privacy, nemi, not-quite-free love, notbeingobsessed with ephram, observing crazy fannish behavior, obsessions, obviously i need help, olkaahan tytöt kunnianhimoisia, pretentious rockstars, pretty boys, pretty girls, records management, rock 'n' roll cliches, rock 'n' roll decadence, rock biographies, rokkipojat ja -tytöt, ryo = footsole, sex, sexuality, sharing birthday with onew, shawn&gus being lifepartners, sirius/remus, slash, spencer mf reid, stephen king, subaru hearts yasu, survival instincts above all, talking about kame's nose, theo's eyebrows, those wacky ways, tps, tv bringing people together, understanding chinami's wifeness, university geekery omfg, various woobies, velvet revolver, veronica mars, viivi ja wagner, wacky world of politics, women, x-files, yasu hearts subaru, yasu's outfits ftw always
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